Hiroshima City Hospital

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TEL:082-221-2291 FAX:082-223-5514

Hospital Overview

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Greeting from the Hospital Director

Hospital Director Yasuyuki Araki

Thank you for visiting our homepage, which has renewed since this fiscal year.

From April 1, 2014, Hiroshima City Hiroshima Citizens Hospital along with Hiroshima City Asa Citizens Hospital, Hiroshima City Funairi Citizens Hospital, and Hiroshima City Rehabilitation Hospital, have become local independent administrative corporations. The official name is the Local Independent Administrative Corporation Hiroshima City Hospital Organization Hiroshima City Hiroshima Citizens Hospital.

Our hospital is in charge of emergency medical services, cancer care, and advanced medical care. In addition, we have perinatal medical center. We treat almost all types of patients except for patients who need transplantation therapy. In our report issued in November 2014, we apply for approval to be registered as advanced acute care institution. We are scheduled to have a talk with the prefectural authority. We aim at advanced acute care medicine. I think the most important issue, for an advanced acute care hospital, is the relationship. Doctors in private practices refer patients to us, we provide advanced acute care, and then patients are transferred to local hospitals or are re-referred to private doctors in reverse order. How to realize such vertical cooperation is very important. After we complete advanced acute care for each patient, we encourage patient to transfer to nearby hospital or clinic, or re-refer patient to patient's private doctor. We hope that not only medical personnel but also people in this city or in this prefecture would understand our policy.

Furthermore, we have installed another four operating rooms including a hybrid operating room and implemented 3T MRI so that we reinforce our advanced medical care ability. We have a plan to provide aortic aneurysm repair with stent-graft or transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) in the hybrid operating room. Although we have provided stent-graft procedure for many patients in our hospital, we can do it more safely by using the hybrid operating room. As for TAVI, although we have to get accreditation of healthcare organization, we plan to adopt it. As we implemented 3T MRI, we can provide MRI scan for patients on Saturday. We are capable of medical checks that are convenient for patients. We have established medical care system in which patients can receive more satisfying treatment in circulatory field and radiology field so that we wish people would make use of us.

We will continue with our efforts so that the Hiroshima City Hiroshima Citizens Hospital will be trusted more than ever with the residents of the municipality and the prefecture. We greatly appreciate your assistance once again this year.

May 20, 2016
Local Independent Administrative Corporation Hiroshima City Hospital Organization Hiroshima City Hiroshima Citizens Hospital
Hospital Director Yasuyuki Araki


As a primary hospital of the City of Hiroshima,
we pledge to respect our patients and practice high quality healthcare.

The Three Foundations for Realizing Our Mission

  1. Respect our patients and practice medicine that is a model of trust and satisfaction.
  2. Cooperate with regional healthcare establishments and practice highly advanced medicine,
    particularly in the area of acute-phase treatment.
  3. Promote sound management practices to assure safe and dependable healthcare.

Core Principles

Our hospital pledges to abide by the following principles in order to continue improving our medical practices which are based on respect for life and love of humanity, to provide specialized and ethically appropriate healthcare, and to ensure and promote the health and welfare of our fellow citizens.

  1. To do everything within our power with unlimited love and responsibility to meet the needs of our patients.
  2. To constantly promote self-improvement, refine our medical skills, pursue the study of medicine, and educate our successors.
  3. To retain and securely protect all patient records, and guarantee that no personal data will ever be divulged.
  4. To actively cooperate with other regional healthcare establishments for the purpose of creating a united local healthcare network that can provide medical services in a practical and efficient manner.

Japan Council for Quality Health Care Accreditation

This hospital has been accredited by the Japan Council of Quality Health Care (JCQHC)

What is this accreditation?

This accreditation program is run by the JCQHC, a third-party foundation which impartially evaluates healthcare organizations for the purpose of improving the quality of medicine for the public.

Items of Evaluation

  1. Hospital management and the role of the hospital in the community
    Evaluation of hospital missions, long- and intermediate-term plans, overall organizational management, data management systems and ties with local public health, medical and welfare organizations.
  2. Patient rights and safety
    Evaluation of respect for individual patient rights, procedures to obtain consent for treatment following thorough consultation and provisions to ensure patient safety.
  3. Therapeutic environment and patient services
    Evaluation of employee behavior towards hospital visitors, visitor assistance, medical counseling for patients and their families, privacy considerations, and therapeutic environment.
  4. Quality of treatment
    Evaluation of basic activities meant to ensure quality treatment and operational proficiency of supporting divisions, and the rating of levels of proper service from the perspective of the patient's treatment history.
  5. Nursing care
    Evaluation of nursing policies, organizational structure, and skill development, and the rating of levels of proper service from the perspective of the patient's nursing history.
  6. Management and administration efficiency
    Evaluation of the efficiency and suitability of human resources, financing/accounting, facility maintenance management and legal defense arrangements.